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As a skeptic, who had only seen hypnotherapy used on stage to turn people into human chickens, I didn’t really feel that this would be of any use. However, once a colleague told me about their experience I decided it was worth giving it a go and after a surprisingly enlightening and pleasant conversation with Jess over the phone, I agreed to give it a whirl.


An hour-long mapping session soon followed, and we identified what I wanted to get out of it. However, I was still sceptical as I didn’t truly believe I could be affected.


However, having completed the therapy now, it should be said that I am entirely converted into the benefits of hypnotherapy. It’s not just for helping you with your fear of spiders, or for correcting minor things, but for helping with deep rooted issues too.


If you were ever considering it, I would suggest having a phone call to discuss and get more in-depth information. Jess is unerringly calm, and it does seem like nothing said can ruffle her feathers.

Incredibly polite yet personal throughout, I immediately felt comfortable in her presence which helps with therapy no end.


I can’t recommend Jess more. Give it a go, and you will be very surprised. I know I was.



I recently had some hypnotherapy with Jess for weight loss. I wanted to wait a few months before writing a review as I was somewhat sceptical as to whether it would actually work.

After years of yo-yo dieting and being forever inconsistent with working out, I can honestly say I feel a real shift in my mindset towards my health. I’m excited to get up and work on my body, I feel motivated to get out and I no longer want to reach for the unhealthy food options I was drawn to before.

Jess is so passionate about helping others and from in-take to follow ups, she has been amazing! She knew just how to help me unlock the answers as to why I was constantly self-sabotaging and I feel better than I have in years! Jess is a natural healer and I highly recommend her.



I recently had a wonderful RTT session with Jess.

Her love and commitment was undeniably and I really felt heard.

I got a break through in my confidence and ability 

to speak to women and express my love. 

I'm now way more open, productive and present.

And best of all, I really like the healthy man I see in the mirror.

I highly recommend Jess and what she makes available.

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Would highly recommend! I contacted Jess due to having a lack of self love which effected my everyday life. Constant negative thoughts, a u healthy relationship with food and over exercising. This caused me to have no period and feeling trapped. After 1 weeks of my detox plan with Jess, my period returned and after the full detox and hypnotherapy sessions I feel FREE. I am learning to love myself and Jess has guided me with all of the right steps to take control of my own happiness. Jess is very friendly, professional and always there to offer support (even outside of sessions). One of the best things I have ever done for myself and Jess is to thank! :)

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I've had my first hypnotherapy sessions with Jess and I feel 100% better in myself. I have struggled with anxiety for many years, now with the support from Jess and the hypnotherapy sessions I've had, I'm managing my anxiety which I never thought I'd be able to. It's changed my life and now I feel like me again.

Thank you Jess 😊

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I have to say that I had always been very sceptical about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. My feeling was that it was more of a “stage show practice” than a serious medical treatment. However, a friend convinced me that I should give it a try to assist me with dealing with past trauma and the resulting anxiety. My first session was with a very friendly and understanding therapist. It was like nothing I have experienced before, it was close to an outer body experience but within a dream setting rather than reality. It allowed me to explore memories of events which I had shut out or even forgotten that I had experienced, but I got to experience them from a third person point of view. It really was quite incredible. This allowed me to see some aspects of trauma from a different angle and re interpret them and also manage the effect and feeling that resulted from them. It is a very draining experience but after recovering from that I felt rejuvenated and happier. I look forward to some follow ups sessions and continuing on my path to recovery. I highly recommend trying this treatment to anyone who has doubts or feels sceptical about such styles of therapy.

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I loved the calmness in Jess’ voice and the way she shared her personal experience and explained how her therapy works. She also checked how I was doing after a certain period of time. I felt like I was important to her.

I found that she did a great job. I loved having the session with her.

I wish her the very best!



Jess was amazing. She created a really safe space for my to open and share my past trauma. If you experienced PTSD she’s the perfect person to help you and guide you to through such a painful experience. She’s absolutely amazing. I highly recommend her.

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Jess is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition. I finally have some guidance and the support I needed. I lost 10 lbs is just 2 weeks. Her detox program is really amazing. And they goes over everything right from your symptoms to the very route cause. So happy I’ve finally figured out my issue. Thank you Jess!!



The RTT session was amazing. I thought that I already new everything about what influenced my life because I’m working on myself for over 7 years. But this was really amazing what we discovered and what was the function of my low self esteem. After understanding that I felt relieved right away and I have the feeling that my pain in my stomach is gone forever. Thanks Jess you’re amazing.



Recently I had the pleasure   of being a client in a session with Jess. She it is a very passionate therapist and full of positive energy and compassion. Thank you for the amazing record : I love to listen to it. ❣️I strongly recommend Jess for her amazing passion  to  remove blockages and  change lives.

Jess is a positive and ongoing person and from her I have gained the confidence. Her voice it is peaceful and having a good rythm. I am impressed about how nice it is to listen to her.



Jess is incredibly war, a commanding hypnotherapy practitioner and understands nutrition. She is a self healer that uses her experience, knowledge and intuition to address both mind and body. Her approach of working with subconscious blocks supports both emotional and physical healing. The connection with your practitioner is important. And I felt very comfortable with Jess and she inspired a lot of confidence. She delivered an outstanding session and I was very pleased with her supportive presence and command of the session. I felt like I was in very good hands. 

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