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Integrative Health/Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching


This is not another yoyo diet. This is a change of lifestyle. If you want to understand what a healthy relationship with food is like, shed weight, and get rid of years of built up toxins, then join me on my Life Coaching Program.

During your time with me, we will go over nutrition, lifestyle & mental health. You will have an understanding foods to avoid, foods to implement more of, meal planning/timing, and so much more.


You’ll get a weekly nutritional meal template of what breakfast, lunch, and dinner should consist of in regards to protein, fat, veggies etc. Additionally, you will be provided with three weeks of healthy plant based recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will allow your body to rebalance hormones, blood sugar, inflammation, excess cortisol and oestrogen dominance, while getting rid of years of toxins, and inflammation.


We will also go over things like organic foods, GMOS, EMFs, environment toxins, mold, saunas, filtered water consumption, amalgam filings, skin products/chemicals and how your environment can play a role on your health and well-being.

This program could be useful for you:

  • If you want to shed weight

  • Struggling with hormonal issues

  • If you have any digestive issues, such as IBS, SIBO, or Candida overgrowth

  • If you struggle with fatigue, headaches or anything affecting your daily life. 

  • If you have concerns regarding cholesterol, diabetes, or high blood pressure. 

  • If you have any skin issues.

  • If you have any autoimmune conditions.

  • If you are struggling with infertility.

Raw Vegetables
Super Health Food


My mission is to empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing by understanding what a healthy relationship with food looks like. This is not a diet, its a lifestyle change. 


The society we live in does not educate us on a what a healthy lifestyle looks like. Even medical schools only provide two classes of nutrition to our doctors. My goal is not to suppress the symptom but to get to the root cause of why the symptom is there in the first place. 

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